Math Activities at Home

There are many activities that kindergarteners can participate in at home that will help to reinforce the mathematical concepts they are learning in school, and help them to see the connection between what they learn in class and the real world. Here are some examples:

  • Sorting (coins, laundry, silverware, etc)

  • Portioning (eg putting a fixed number of pretzels into a container for snack)

  • Helping set the table (use words such as “next to”, “beside”, and “above” when you talk about how to make a place setting)

  • Taking a “shape walk” around the neighborhood and look for examples of triangles, circles, squares, and rectangles - drawing pictures of the objects

  • Playing “I spy, with my little eye…” with shapes

  • Going to the the store - discuss which items cost more/less.

  • Also at the store, ask your kindergartner to help count the items that you need.